The TaskIt application aims to help you in your Getting things Done(GTD) approach and thus provides a task list or a ToDo list. When you organize your thoughts and put them down in your TaskIt list, you will get a much better view of your tasks.

This is a Work In Progress(WIP) and was done on my free time on weekends. I had a need for such an application, and i love Qt and i love Python, so i wanted to see how flexible their daemon spawn(PyQt) is. This was also an excuse to experiment with the all-powerful SQLAlchemy in a desktop application. I would appreciate any feedback and/or bugs, comments….you can use my email for that or the launchpad page. The application is released under the GPL. You can get the released application from here.

You can always access the latest source code from the project page at launchpad at

This application is implemented in Python(ver 2.5) with the Qt framework(ver 4.) in the form of PyQt(ver 4.) and it also uses SQLAlchemy(ver 4.0) as a gateway to the sqlite(ver 3) database and uses the famfam icon set. And thus you need these dependencies to run it.


To launch the application, just launch This application is still under development and thus you have to take care of a few things.

  • You cannot reorder tasks and categories.

  • There is no concept of priority of tasks.

In any case, you can always access the sqlite database directly(file called tasklist.db) and fix whatever you want just be careful not to mess with the relations between the categories and tasks. The source tarball also includes a makefile to regenerate the .ui files if you change them.