I am a big fan of the Galactic Konquest game. It is similar to the risk board game, except it occurs in space and it may have different rules, i am not familiar with risk myself…ahem…

It is a part of the kdegames package and thus comes with some strings attached. People who don’t use kde need to get a part of kde to be able to play it, and users of “other” operating systems are just out of luck. I am Gnome user myself, and so at the beginning, i tried to get rid of the kde dependency and keep it to barebones QT, but i didn’t like the state of its source code. I also needed to port it to Qt4 if it was to be distributed on windows operating systems, because Qt4 is the first version that is available under the GPL on windows. That also turned out to be a complex task, so i decided to do a re-write instead.

I got busy with some commercial work before i was able to finish it. The game still needs about 3 or 4 hours before it is playable. The source code is available from here. It is a bz2 package of the bzr archive so that you can take a look at the history and changes.

The configuration dialog at the start of each new game.

The main game play screen. There are some graphic widgets that do not show up properly because of the dark color.

If you are interested in this game or would like to help me with its development, please contact with me and we will work together. I was thinking of porting this game away from C++ to minimize the entry barrier. I was thinking of Python, so let me know….

I also have some big plans for this game once i have some free time. Some plans are SVG graphics, network gameplay or internet gameplay, a smart AI, and perhaps some 3D work.