Aussie Shopper Bot

Some people consume the fantastic deals at OzBargain via the RSS feed. I wrote a telegram bot that notifies me of the latest bargains according to my interests. For example, I’m in the market for new earphones so I add that as an interest and my slave…err I mean bot notifies me when he/she notices a deal on earphones.

I wrote it because I needed it and as part of a bigger hobby project that I will announce when it matures a bit more. Add aussieshopperbot on telegram if you’d like to play around.

Your added interests are matched with the titles and description of the deals that ozbargain gets. Currently, it only matches words or terms so not particularly smart but something i am hoping i can change soon.

The project is mostly the bot working in the background but I’ve set up a page to showcase some statistics that I collect at

To make use of the Telegram bot, search for @AussieShopperBot or simply click on to add the bot automatically.

Money Tracker

A personal finance manager which evolved from a simple text file that turned into a spreadsheet. I wanted a way to track my expenses and went from there to build this service that shows me how I am spending my money.

A public instance is running at


A place to share my deployment scripts with the world. This uses Fabric to assist in the deployment of Django applications to a fresh server or simply a new application. This is my goto script when something like Ansible isn’t suitable.

Aussie Shopper Firefox Extension

A basic add-on to help Aussie shoppers get the deal. It currently only works on Amazon and allows you to view the product price in the local AUD currency using the exchange rate set in the options field. Also displays a link to allow the shopper to find the same product in the AU using StaticIce.

You can find the extension on the Firefox addons site.

Android Intrusion Detection System aka AIDS

The AIDS application is a proof of concept of a host-based intrusion detection system for the Android platform. It uses behavior modeling to detect the existence of malware on your device. I wrote it to produce data and validate the theory behind my published research. One of the main benefits is that it doesn’t need a rooted phone.

The application is not available via the Playstore and will need to be sideloaded.

USSD Interceptor

USSD Interceptor, still one of my most popular projects for some odd reason, is an Android service that allows intercepting and receiving USSD calls text results and re-broadcasting them for any listeners. It was authored to be used as part of my intrusion detection research.

Jack Compiler

As part of the projects in the book The Elements of Computing Systems, a compiler is implemented for the Jack programming language. The Jack compiler and code generator is used as part of the projects while building the computer.

I tried to follow the book as much as possible to help other readers, but when it made more sense I did my own thing.

BombMaker Gnome Applet

Bomb Maker is a Gnome2 applet that tries to clone the functionality of the KTeaTime KDE applet but with an added twist. It is a reminder applet in which you choose a certain bomb type and it goes off after its time period elapses. You can also choose to manufacture a custom bomb type which has a custom time period till explosion and includes a custom message. This was my first attempt at generating a Debian package.