My birthday was uneventful this time(it was in October). Partly because it wasn’t the best of times for a celebration and partly because i had a lot on my mind.

So like every year, i decided on some new year’s resolutions. I make mine on my birthday so it is my new year and not everybody else’s.

One of my resolution was a stronger commitment to my ideals and convictions. I already try to do my part in advocacy and evangelism, and so decided to put my money where my mouth is(sort of).

I have been a GNU/Linux user for over 7 years now. An incident took place 2 years ago that showed me the importance of the work that is being done by the Free Software Foundation(FSF) and so i became a convert and have been using GNU/Linux as my main system since then. As a programmer, I try to contribute to free software whenever i can. And as a contractor, i try to advocate it whenever possible.

So to further re-affirm my commitment, say hello to FSF member #6304. Or you can call me by my initials, “AKS”. FSF Member emblem

P.S. In my mind, open source and free software movements are the same thing. In theory, they should be. While in practice, they’re not. Because the word “free” is ambiguous(free as in no price and free as in freedom), i use the term “Open Source” to actually refer to free software and try to explain whenever possible. RMS would kill me over this, but i think my reasoning is justified….

P.S.S What happened to resolution #2 and #1 you ask? Well, they actually also fulfilled and i will write about them soon.

Update: I got my FSF shwag and GNUff(GNU stuff) today. FSF Shwag