After many years of private development, I have decided to publish the source code for Money Tracker, my personal finance manager. The story of how it came to life is another post I am still working on but it’s been online for quite a while. With that, I am hoping to publish a release blog post whenever there is something substantial to share about the new release.

A lot of work went into this release though most of it is not visible to the end user. This release finally adds the tests that I’ve been meaning to add for many years now. Although the testing work is not done and will be ongoing, it’s a start and should make the codebase a bit more stable moving forward.

One of my pet peeves is how the account last transaction date wasn’t showing up in the account list. That’s finally fixed.

I have big plans for the dasbhoard, the first page that users see needs to be extra useful considering the context. Also, first impressions and all that… Those plans are still in flux so for now, I’ve re-considered what’s displayed and have modified it to display current month’s spending vs last month’s. This is what it looks like.

Another tedious but important change is making the user interface more consistent and hopefully prettier after a round of style changes. One of the more useful changes in terms of function is that a visual indicator for required fields now shows up in forms.

I hope you enjoy this release. If you run into any problems, please use the contact form within your account to reach me.