Where’s the KABOOM???

I was hoping my next post would be a technical one, but sadly that didn’t work out. They assassinated another MP today using a car bomb. It was placed in a car parked next to a vital road that always has a lot of traffic. From the amount of destruction it left behind, it seems that it was a big bomb.

At this point, i would usually have some witty remarks or sarcastic comments. But, to that i would answer in the same way as one area resident answered. “We just got used to it.”

You can tell from the TV coverage that people are frustrated with this whole thing. During the first few explosions, TV stations would do live coverage for about 3-4 hours and now they just zip through to the explosion area, zip back to the studio and transmit all the politicians calling in with their “blablabla”s…and that’s about it. Two todays later, people don’t even remember where the last explosion was.

Ofcourse everybody will remember what politician died during that explosion, but what about all the other people whom nobody remembers. What about that innocent person who’s only error was being in the same area with that MP?

I used to think that there might be a bright future…I don’t anymore.

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  1. Hi
    I am just leaving a comment to ask you to cheer up. I am a bit of an optimist. I am from Ireland. We had a lot of arsehole politicians messing things up. Once they get some money they usually go quite.
    Anyway I liked your stuff. I like the vibe! and I will be back.
    The most interesting person I found on the web this week.

  2. Hello Mark,
    Thank you for the comment. Sadly, my optimism is directly influenced by the news these days. And i am not alone in this unfortunately.

    I hop things go well, false hope maybe???


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