What a country

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve been kinda busy. I am not sure I even have any readers left. But whatever the case may be….

First of all, I didn’t get to thank all of the people who wished me a happy birthday in the comments. So thank you for all the kind words.

I assume everybody has heard of what happened yesterday. The new assassination of Pierre Amin Al-Jamyel, the minister of industry. Poor guy. I really didn’t like him, but that’s not the way to go. They shot him 8 bullets in the head from a machine gun with a silencer from a close range. You should see the picture of his car.

Hardly an hour after this incident, several personalities made press conferences or issued statements accusing the other side of doing it. The pro-Syrians accused the anti-Syrian faction of prior knowledge and some even accused them of doing it. While the anti-Syrian faction accused “those who want to de-stabilize Lebanon” and the Syrians. The guy’s body has hardly got cold and they were already using his death in a propaganda campaign. There’s a special place in hell for such kinds of people.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise for people who have been keeping up with the evolving situation here in Lebanon. It has been a couple of weeks of stress whereby both opposing factions threaten each other with big demonstrations and with replying with bullets to bullets. Although everybody is saying that they don’t want a civil war, they all threaten the other side with it.

I am not scared yet, although I am bit worried. Mainly, people wouldn’t go for another civil war because they still remember the horror of the first one. Anybody who thought that I was going to say that they will not have another civil war because we all DON’T hate each other has his head way up in the clouds. I heard what some people are saying and it is not pretty. When the common man starts speaking with such hatred and contempt, then you need to start worrying.

I am not even sure where all of this went wrong. Maybe we weren’t ready for our own independence. Before, we could always blame the Syrians for anything that happens, but now we have run out of scapegoats. And the shit keeps getting brownier and stinkier.(sorry, English mixed with a lot of feelings)

The anti-Syrian faction is always blaming the pro-Syrian president and pro-Syrian faction of interfering with everything and blocking any real advancement in the country. The problem is that I have seen how the anti-Syrian faction has taken over the governmental organizations and especially the future movement of the late Rafic Hariri. I have also seen how they think that once they take over everything, all the issues will be solved. Yet, corruption has increased and scandal after scandal are  being exposed.

I fear how things could evolve if the pro-Syrian faction takes over. But I also fear of how things could evolve if the anti-Syrian faction takes over. So, what is the solution?

Throughout today, we are losing more and more of our hearing by the loud motorcades that the 14th Feb movement has ordered to move around to show their popularity.

This is just below our building. I also have a video if you wanna hear their chants. I am writing this post at 1am and the moving carnivals are still doing their magic.

Whenever I want to write some post about Lebanon, I get lost with all of the different ideas  and I think what’s the use….

Is it any wonder that most of my friends have left the country to live and work somewhere else…

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  1. Keep it up, you’ve still got readers.

    From what I’ve been reading I think you’re more than ready for your own independence, that’s not to say it’s an easy road, I don’t mean to sound patronising. Ireland has been fighting for it’s independence well over 30 years in the north alone and it can be a bloody fight with people blaming the other side for things which should never have happened in the first place. Yet 10 years into a peace process we’ve had a few set backs with returns to fighting but we’re getting there and with more and more people either wanting or even just accepting that we need the peace and independence, we’re finally getting there.

    Stick with the posts, people need to hear your voice.

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