Website Launch

I’ve been searching for a CMS for my website for a long time, and I tried a lot of them with no luck.

Joomla seems excellent but is way too complicated for a personal website such as mine, plus it has a lack of documentation in the sense of guides for specific types of websites.

Drupal is way too flexible and comes in the shape of a bare-bones CMS that you can modify to your liking. While working with it, I managed to get myself into several sticky situations. A good CMS would not let me do that.

I also tried xoops and postnuke(or was it php nuke) and also searched for java-based CMSes that could serve my needs. None were satisfactory, they were either too hard to configure, way too flexible and time-consuming or simply looked ugly.

I respect the amount of work that went into these CMSes and they definitely solve a lot of problem, just not my problems. From a technical view point, it would seem that programs suck at usability and very little sharing has been going on throughout the different projects. All of this hype on usability in the opensource world(and in the evil side also) was caused when it was discovered that consumers wouldn’t necessarily go after the most feature rich application but it would go after the most usable application. Consumers also know that it is easy to add needed features to an already usable application, but it is very hard to introduce usability on an already feature bloated application(does anybody actually use all of the features that exist in Microsoft Word for example).

Programmers usually make bad users. And in an ideal world, they usually wouldn’t and shouldn’t design the UI(every sense, not just the graphical side).

I have noticed several lacking things in the free software world such as lack of usability studies(even simple ones, it doesn’t have to be formal), lack of simple documentation, lack of proper engineering principles(again, even simple ones) and so on…. I am not one to just blab with words, so I will help where ever and when ever I can.

To make a long story short( I know, that ship has sailed) I have decided to role my own mini-CMS. I know we don’t need another one, it will just be specific to my website. So far, I have started with the intial web design. Since I am an incredibly good designer(NOT), please check out the main website and comment on its overall design, including fonts and colors and so on….