Very Nice Indeed

I’ve been very busy with some things lately, but I wanted to take a small break to share some things.

-A couple of days ago, King Abdallah of Jordan said that he was afraid of 3 civil wars erupting in the region. Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon. It sure feels great to be added to the hottest conflict zones in the region. I am glad he didn’t say that we’re similar to DRC.

-Both the pro-Syrian and the anti-Syrian sides in Lebanon are constantly threatening to send the people to the streets. Meanwhile, people are wondering which people are they talking about.

-Both the pro-Syrian and anti-Syrian sides in Lebanon have been threatening civil war for the past two months. Some people(including myself) are saying either do it or shut up about it.

-With every side threatening the other with bullets, one would wonder where these bullets came from. Since the war ended about 16 years ago and supposedly the militias all surrendered their weapons!!!

Keep your eyes peeled, whispers of something happening this week.