Ubuntu IRC Channels 40mins after Release

I actually forgot that i took these screenshots a few weeks ago. Been a little busy with work.

In case you don’t know what these are, these are screenshots of both ubuntu channels 40mins after Gutsy was released. Take a look at the numbers, one is 1541 and the other is 631 users. I’ve also been told that the number is much higher than that because some users only stayed a few mins.

Official Channel
Ubuntu Channel
Release Channel
Ubtuntu-Release Channel

I actually had the ISO from the daily image the night before…i somehow thought that some final changes would change that…turned out that they released the same image. I had it all along and i was stupidly waiting for its release.

I upgraded a few days after the release and although i scheduled some time for problems, it didn’t go very well. I fixed everything up in a weekend, but i had to resort to manual fixing. More on this later….