The Search for the Ultimate Programming Language

Ok, fine. So real programmers know that this title is nonsense. But when i used to work as a journalist, our editor always emphasized that we have to use a powerful catchy title. So here it is…. 🙂

Often other people ask me “which language should i learn first” if they want to learn how to program. Or “what is the best language to learn for a beginner”. These all make sense when you’re starting out ofcourse. But as you go further and further into the business( i call it business to trick people into thinking that its hard), the question changes into “which language is the best tool for the job.”

As you get older….err, i mean more mature….in this business, you start thinking of your technical skills as they relate to the problem that you’re trying to solve. So you come to realize that you can do anything in anything….hell, if you want to go extreme…i can imagine a keyboard with two big buttons, a 1 button and a 0 button and you can go ahead and write all your application in binary. You can bang on the keyboard like a bongos till your face turns red. Sure i would pay to see that, but from a productivity context….you ain’t doing much.

Previously, i learned new languages when i needed to. Often, the choice of language and technology are dictated by external factors. It can be your boss, your environment, your client, or how much you had to drink that day. This time, however, i have a choice.

I am looking at developing some new applications(web-based in fact) and i have a choice regarding which technologies i use. And the search for the ultimate language/framework starts.

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  1. hello ,
    the title make no sence and if you want to develop a web based app then it’s indeed make no sence to search for ultimate language ,since among other reasons, real programmer never think in programming a web based app and more generaly never think in the direction of GUI …!

    good luck in your search …. programmer !

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