Sync Extension Again

I would like to update my sync extension and make it more user friendly. I would also like to attack its biggest defect where in you can’t edit the repository of passwords(except manually). What I would also like to do(and have worked on before) is re-write some of the backend material that deal with the FTP connection because there are some problems that are being caused by the Mozilla APIs themselves when dealing with the connection. I looked around, but I couldn’t find what I needed exactly, so I decided that the best way is to implement a part of the FTP protocol using plain old sockets. That would require a lot more work, but it would be more reliable.

By the way, if nobody knows about it. There is a feature that has been worked on for quite some time now. And that is roaming profiles where you would be able to sync your entire profile from a central location. Unfortunately, the Mozilla people seem to be having some trouble with that(I don’t know why exactly) but the feature is being tried out in the Mozilla suite. I didn’t really like it, and I think that it needs more work(although I didn’t use it a lot). That’s when I decided to write this extension. And until they fix that code, my extension will remain useful.

By the way, I almost gave up searching and reading the Mozilla code. So I will ask for help. Does anybody know how can I find out when a user changes something using password manager? As in maybe an event or an observer to get called whenever there is a change in the password manager state. I know that the Google extension does this, but I couldn’t find any simple way. Or am I missing something?

The most I could get from the Mozilla code is listening to form submissions and specifically forms that have password fields. Anyway, if anybody knows……