State of the Union, Part 1

The amount of money that has been given or promised to Lebanon in response to the destruction caused by our friendly neighbors from the south has been substantial. The direct destruction costs amount to about 12 billion dollars, the indirect costs amount to much much more than that and I believe that it cannot be estimated so easily.

You’d think that since a few billion dollars have already been promised and delivered(partially), then Lebanon wouldn’t have such a rough time in starting the re-building process. Consider also that most of the cost of re-building the destroyed bridges has been donated by wealthy Lebanese individuals or charitable organizations. Hizbollah is almost finished with the first phase of the re-imbursement plan for the destroyed houses, and several Arab countries and individuals have pledged to re-build certain villages.

So, what’s the problem? The problem is that up till now, the Lebanese government has not started paying any aid funds and it doesn’t even have a plan yet to confront and repair the failing economy.

I mean really, how hard can it be. The bridges are being taken care of and some have already been re-built. The destroyed houses are going to be re-built by Hizbollah(shame on the government by the way). And several villages are going to be re-build with Arab money. So, what’s left? Only the infrastructure and human aid. So why do I keep reading about sad stories of people who died while waiting for government supplied medication, and on a more trivial note, why do people living in central district of Beirut(business area) keep getting power outages. Come on, if you think that human aid is complex and requires a lot of organization(which is not an excuse by the way) then how hard can it be to fix a generator….even I can do it.

Ever since the current majority government….the chorus singing, freedom, sovereignty, independence group…. took over, we have been promised tons of changes and the end of corruption. Well guess what? Nothing happened. If anything there’s even more corruption and theft.

Theft during times of peace could be forgiven. But corruption(they even came up with a new name for it, ‘organizational corruption’ so that they wouldn’t have to say stealing) at times of war and need is beyond my comprehension. A friend of mine who worked at the school that I visited during the war even told me that a certain politician(I talked about her once) wouldn’t even let aid go in except if it was addressed to her ministry(with press coverage maybe?) while an emiratae politician helping the school paid for aid from his own pocket and didn’t wait for the formal procedure. And I have a ton of stories just like this one.

Can you believe that our social security department that deals with millions(about 3 million or so) of health related concerns doesn’t even have any computers yet.(why that happened is a long story, I’d be happy to post about it sometime)

If you believe in hell, then I believe that there is a special corner in hell for these types of people.