Spam, Spam, Spam

Spam is killing me. Comments, emails, link spam and every other kind of spam there is. I was even getting them on IM and irc when i log on.

Spam has always been a big problem and there are a few options to avert them but you need to use them in combination for the best results.

For example, i use akismet on this wordpress blog to prevent spam comments but this doesn’t completely work since akismet works on filtering(Bayesian) and spammers are getting smarter all the time. So i went ahead and closed down comments on older posts so if anybody wants to contact me regarding that, the best way is in direct communication through email.

For email, i use client side filtering for now in thunderbird which works ok but i still consume a lot of bandwidth simply downloading the spam messages. My email addresses are right there in the open so web spiders searching for emails can directly get to them but i really don’t want to make contacting me to be hard work, so i prefer to keep it that way.

However, i did notice that spammers are getting smarter by the day. Now i get targeted spam. So other than the normal “i am a bored girl and i want to show you some pictures” and the “enlarge your manhood” emails plus the “give me your bank account number so i can can deposit millions of dollars”, i keep on getting spam messages relating to software and services which thunderbird was not flagging at first because they do look legitimate.

I have seen several attempts at solving the spam problem but none that really struck me as being brilliant. Personally, i think that the email protocols need overhauling just like the rest of the ancient protocols that we’re still using.