Session2 at #barcamp-lebanon, organizing hacker meetup

Just 4 people in attendance…oooh, not a lot of people want to meet up, what does that mean?
Would like to organize hacker meet ups for coding challenges, general coding….

Gathering ideas about this issue and getting feedback. Interesting. Presenter saying, “programming sucks”…really? I don’t think so.

Also talking that we should have meet ups for sharing knowledge…completely agree. Building up tech meet ups that are fun.

Somebody pitching something called lebgeeks in this session to get more feedback.
I am all in for it.

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  1. I never said “programming sucks”. I said the type of programming usually required for university projects and in the job market in Lebanon sucks, hence the need for meetups and both collaborative and competition-based programming. So we have a chance to do the fun stuff that doesn’t suck 🙂

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