Ron Arad Documentary

I finished watching the documentary about the Hizbollah capture in 2000 on the LBCI channel. It was an excellent documentary so far, full of interviews and first-seen footage of the capture.

Later on, I saw an article about it in Haaretz and checked some of the reader comments about how Israeli should re-bomb Lebanon and that this is not respecting the Geneva conventions and one commenter even proudly had this to say

I say give the Lebs
a few days to cough up illegally held prisoners
or to face destruction of one city after another
by the IAF. If they don`t abide by the Geneva conventions
articles on holding prisoners, then all protections
granted by international law should be ignored by Israel.
Ron Arad and the others should be held in accordance
with International Law or Leb should be wiped out.
The War on Terror is about upholding international

Does anybody else think that this is hilarious?

I don’t know why they’re showing this documentary now and where did they get all of this information from, but this will cause a lot of debate. We’ll see what happens.

One interesting part is how when Israel started kidnapping civilians from Lebanon, it received some internal questioning to how legal that is and the government answered by issuing a law permitting the kidnapping of people from enemy states to use in negotiations or swap deals. That got me thinking, we should pass a similar law here. That would make what Hizbollah did(and will do) perfectly legal.

Tomorrow is the next part.

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