Open Code Solutions

I am not sure if i still have any readers left. I sort of neglected this blog recently. Not on purpose mind you, and not due to the lack of news or events. I have just been working really hard and trying to prioritize my time between the different projects.

So within the narrow time slots, I though I’d write this post to announce the launch(finally!!!) of the website of my freelancing company Open Code Solutions. It is meant as a web presence for that commercial entity, my main website will remain to be this website and people who wish to know more about me personally can still use this to do so.( there’s even a link on that website pointing to here)

I don’t really specialize in any particular field, although currently i am working with a few projects in Medicine, and in secure communications and planning other projects in some more cutting edge technology that i can’t really talk about yet. I have previously done work in ecommerce web applications and educational software as well as a soon-to-be released open source software.

I also have a bunch of ideas i am working on whenever i have some time, but the priority ofcourse is for the commercial projects. Those ideas will all be open sourced, so if anybody is interested in helping out, send me an email and let me know what would you like to do.(for clarity, my ideas revolve around web based services in project management, in collaboration and so on…)

So all in all, when i can muster some more free time, i will post again and write some more details. Check back frequently(if anybody is still there).

Update: Sorry this is showing up again. My hosting company have a server meltdown and had the backup data corrupted.(what kind of host puts the backup data on the same array???). I will probably be moving hosts.