Misc News

If you want to laugh, this has been circulating on the blogosphere http://www.crooksandliars.com/2006/09/11/matt-laue… It is an interview with George Bush, the so-called American president. Do you still think that its a good idea that you voted for him?

(Oh, and for google, this is an interview of Matt Lauer with Geroge Bush about secret prisons and torture)

Al-Jazeera had one of two parts of an interview with Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah again. This time he was talking about post-war politics and about Tony Blair’s visit. He basically said that Tony Blair had a big part in the killing of our people, and that this is an unethical and shameful act. He said that if government invited him to here, then that is a traitor’s act, but if he had requested to come then the government should have declined. I agree, take a look at my post last week on this very same subject. Needless to say that the people who now form the bulk of the government and parliament, no longer have the support of the people. I consider that this government does not represent me.

By the way, the article on Haaretz about the interview has a lot of mistakes(deliberate?) and mis-quotations. Plus, as I said before, they have been introducing small bits of changes on what happened(such as the number of dead and the Lebanese government and so on…). Its a shame, Haaretz was a good almost moderate newspaper.

If you don’t believe me about History Re-writing, take a look at the wikipedia article on the latest Israeli aggression on Lebanon. Especially take notice of the discussion page and the 100s of changes that seem targeted with a campaign to make the article more Israeli-friendly. The link is here