Interesting Article

I found an interesting article written in Annahar newspaper by Jihad Al-Zein. This is from 10 days ago, so it is a bit old, through quite interesting in content. Sorry about the crude english translation….analysis to come in later posts.

As soon as the naming of “moderate arabs” returns to popularity in the American diplometic language, it means a return in American foreign policy to the cold war standards in regards to the middle east.

The term “moderation” at the time meant the governments that weren’t in the political shadow of the old soviet union, and weren’t communist or socialist. It had nothing to do with how democratic the said governments were. Democracy as a measure of the extent of “moderation” as it is supposed to be in western values.

After the fall of the USSR, that idea started losing in value until the events of September 11 shoved it way back into the drawer……

If it was doubtful that Condoleeza Rice’s visit to the region carried an initiative to re-shake the stagnant peace process, even if that meant that the current US administartion realized the danger of constantly failing in solving the Palestenian crisis, then what’s for sure is that secretary Rice is coming to re-vitalize-if not to resuscitate- the “moderate camp” in the region, as in the camp that is against the Iranian-Syrian allied front that stretches through Palestine in the form of Hamas and rooted into Lebanon in the form of Hezbollah.