I smell a stinkin’ fish

You cannot belive how much is corruption rooted into every governmental organization here in Lebanon.

Today, we recieved a two months electricity bill. The charge was 600,000 L.L. which is about $400. This is a ridiculous amount since one of the two months that we are supposed to be paying was the month during which the Israeli aggression took place, and thus the electricity was hardly on for a few hours each day.

Never mind that, we’ll assume that the amount is the correct amount read of the meter and that no one is trying to steal from us(ya right). Each electricity bill carries a late charge of 5,000 L.L. per month(~ $3). This is inspite of the fact that the electricity company sends a person to collect the bills and that we always pay on time. So what is this late charge for? Nobody knows. If you want to complain and actually ask about it, you have to go to the electricity company and get dragged about for days until finally you are able to meet a person who might give you a stupid answer that has nothing to do with the question(such as my all time favorite, “the government is making us do it”).

You would get an idea about the infestation of corruption in our government when you know that billions of dollars have already been paid or promised to Lebanon but nobody has been compensated yet. You would also get a clear idea when you hear about how the people are trying to make it on their own without counting on the government actually helping them(since it never did and never will).

You would get an idea about the infestation of corruption in our government when you read about the Social Security scandal and the resulting fight with the hospitals in Lebanon. The social security fund owes about $400 million dollars in debt to the hospitals and the hospitals are threatening to stop accepting patients with only social security coverage. The hospitals have even accepted partial payment but the Social Security Fund is saying that they can’t do anything(nobody really knows what that means).

I was flipping through an old notebook today and i noticed a sentence that fits the scenario of this post. I wrote that “if every generation behaves likes its predecessors, then how can we expect change”(i am not even sure that i wrote that). Ofcourse we will pay the huge electricity bill, and we will even pay the late charges. And so will everybody else.

My blog would not fit if i wanted to write about all the corruption cases that i know of(previous and ongoing). The current choir-singing government was thought to be the one. The one that will change everything. Instead they are just as corrupt as the people who came before. And even more. What’s really sad is that we used to place the blame for all our problems on the Syrians who were in Lebanon, but now they ran out of excuses. Its really really sad.(sorry for the spelling mistake if any)


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  1. Well, you could always blame the evil Zionist entity for the corruption. They already eat babies, I’m sure they collude with the electricity company as well

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