Google will take over the world

Remember those old episodes of Pinky and the Brain where the Brain is always thinking up of some plan to take over the world. Well, after watching the lecture that I previously posted about, it struck me.

Google is setting up to take over the world by taking. How did I come to such a conclusion, well let’s see if you agree with my logic.

The services that are already launched:

-Google Search which indexes the whole Internet(or tries to) and and logs your searches and search patterns.

-Google Mail which holds your emails and your contacts. It also stores your chats.

-Google Calendar holds your events.

-Google Spreadsheet holds your spreadsheets.

-Google Writely holds your rich text files.

-Google Talk which carries through your chats, voice chats and file transfers and is able to save said chats.

-Google Browser Sync which holds your bookmarks, cookies, passwords, and open tabs.

-Google Desktop that indexes and searches through your local personal files.

-Google Froogle which helps you in your shopping and also logs your search and shopping patterns.

-Google Checkout which helps you in paying for your shopping and logs your buying habits.

-Google Video which stores uploaded videos and can track your viewing patterns.

-Google Picasa and its Web counter-part which stores your photos.

-Google Blogger which holds your thoughts.

The services that are still being prepared(or rumored):

-Google Drive to hold your personal files.

-Google Notebook to store your clippings.

-Google Transit to store your transportation.

-Google Reader which stores your reading interests as it relates to blogs.

-Google Books search which logs your reading interests as it relates to books.

And a bunch of other services that when combined together generates the greatest scheme. Look how.

Several months ago, Google bought a company(forgot the name) which specializes in image recognition. So basically when they integrate their technology into Picasa, you would be able to automatically sort your photos according to common objects or people that are in the images. Which is an excellent feature.

The previous lecture about Human Computation talked about not only labeling pictures on the Internet to get better image search results, but also a human computation method to classify images according to which objects exist in it(so a search for dog would get you all the images of dogs with the dog highlighted in the image). Which is also a great feature.

Do you get what I am trying to show? Combine the above two technologies along with photo geotagging and and Google Earth. Then you give Google the ability to classify your images according to objects or people and use your geotagging along with Google Earth to track you and your company. So Google can now know where you were along with whom you were with at a certain time. Combine that with your emails, chats, search patterns, shopping patterns, bookmarks, cookies, browsing history…… Do you see where this is going? Its big brother…

The Brain always failed, and most of the time due to Pinky. What do you think will happen with Google?

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