First of April

Tomorrow is the first of April…i had actually forgotten about that if it weren’t for the news interviewing a sample of people about lying.

The strange thing is that most people not only admitted to lying constantly, but also remarked that it is a necessity in this world. And also boldly claimed that “you have to lie to survive”. The most interesting perhaps is the person who challenged the interviewer to get another person who claims not to lie so that he can call him/her a lier to his/her face.

This is interesting because just the other day, someone was explaining to me that i don’t know anything about life and that i am an “idiot” because i believe that we should not lie and that we should try to be civil with each other. The story in question was later on revoked because i was able to do what i needed in the way that i thought to be correct and thus the “idiot” part is no longer valid.(they didn’t actually say “idiot” to my face, it takes big balls to do that but it was something along those lines)

Well, to the people who agree with the sample, you should consider listening to Steve Jobs amazing Stanford speech(youtube)…mainly the part that implies to live your life the way you see fit and don’t get stuck in dogma. For the people in the sample i say, What kind of world are you leaving behind for your children?(and for the previous generation, what the hell were you thinking?)

Too idealist? Perhaps…But there really is a lot of shit in this world, i would really prefer to not be yet another turd in the pile.