Definition of Stalemate

The definition of a stalemate condition stems from chess where the player that has to move cannot move in any legal way, yet it is not in a check position. This term has also found its way into conflicts where the entire situation is at a standstill. This normally happens when neither party accept any kind of compromise.

If you are still trying to guess what i am talking about, then you obviously are not a regular reader of this blog. For everybody else, yes that’s right. I am talking about the current political situation in Lebanon.

Well, i say current because they’re the most recent. But really this has been going on for the past year or so. The story is still the same, and everyday some idiot of a politician comes up on TV and tells us that the solution is really close and that we should expect good news in the next few days. I have been listening to such statements from 1992 which was 15 years ago. Those “next few days” never seem to come. And that all-elusive “solution” also never seems to come.

The conflicting parties(the pro-Syrian and the anti-Syrian camps) have tried to solve it amongst themselves and failed. They went to the Arab league for a solution and that failed. Saudi-Arabia and Egypt held talks with Iran and Syria for a solution and that also failed. The US and Russia even interfered and….wait for it….yes, that also failed.

So where are we now? I have no idea.

The situation is still the same. The governing anti-Syrian camp wants the international tribunal to take place and the Hizbollah disarmed and a new President. The opposition pro-Syrian camp wants a veto-powered stake in the government which basically gives it the power to control all the rest of the things that the anti-Syrian camp wants. So to push for those changes the pro-Syrian side’s ministers have resigned from the government and they also launched a big sit-in and frequent demonstrations in down-town Beirut, the area that the late Rafic Hariri rebuilt. To reciprocate, the anti-Syrian camp refused to accept their resignation and chose to ignore everything that they do.

So what happens now? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The shattered economy has taken a huge hit. The whole political process has been completely halted. And ….Well, should i really continue?

So who is paying for all of this? Well, the people ofcourse…..As usual.