A letter to ATI/AMD

Dear Ati and Ati’s daddy AMD, A week ago, i needed to replace my graphics card and so after being an Nvidia customer for several years, i decided to go with an Ati card this time to support the company for choosing to open source their graphic drivers. I am a GNU/Linux user, and although […]

Bomb Maker Gnome Applet Released

I finally got around to releasing the BombMaker Gnome applet that i blogged about. I’ll share with you a little secret, I’ve actually been using it for the past 6 months or so. I even learned to package debian packages just so that i can release it.(manually installing gnome applets is a bit too much) […]

Quick Question

Does anybody actually ever read those EULAs? There has been some news lately of how companies are updating them in a haphazard way. So the question really is, does anyone actually read like 10 pages of legalese just to install a piece of software?(i don’t say use, because you have to agree to the EULA […]

Another fresh start

It has been a long time since i have blogged about…err..well, anything…. The move from my previous host to my current host did not go as well as i thought it would. I was hosting this website on the godaddy servers, and i wanted some more features and so i decided to move. One of […]

Very Nice Indeed

I’ve been very busy with some things lately, but I wanted to take a small break to share some things. -A couple of days ago, King Abdallah of Jordan said that he was afraid of 3 civil wars erupting in the region. Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon. It sure feels great to be added to the […]