Jack Compiler

There are 10 types of programmers in the world, those who have written a compiler and those who can’t read binary. I’ve never written a compiler. At college, I had to drop the class because of a conflict and have always wanted to write one ever since. Even if just to say that I can. […]

SpringerLink pdf manipulation scripts

The SpringerLink pdf manipulation scripts are now up on github. You can get them at http://github.com/alaasalman/pdfmaniputil. I am slowly moving most of the public projects and code over to github so that people can use it and change it more effectively.

#barcamp-lebanon Conclusion

BarCamp-Lebanon was great yesterday. Met some interesting people. Attended some interesting sessions(except for the 3rd one which was a waste of my time, notice no coverage) and was surprised at the abundance of geeks and geekets attending. And speaking of things that were good, that veggie pizza was great…. We also all agreed that we […]

Session2 at #barcamp-lebanon, organizing hacker meetup

Just 4 people in attendance…oooh, not a lot of people want to meet up, what does that mean? Would like to organize hacker meet ups for coding challenges, general coding…. Gathering ideas about this issue and getting feedback. Interesting. Presenter saying, “programming sucks”…really? I don’t think so. Also talking that we should have meet ups […]

Quote of the week

Something interesting that i heard certainly qualifies to be quote of the week. “Server administration is very easy because all the answers are found via Google or forums.” Would you say this is funny or sad?

On Licensing Terms

Last week, i sat through a demo of a certain document management system provided by a vendor. The system in itself is pretty good. Although if it was up to me, I would never choose a proprietary system for a vital project. Since you essentially would be putting yourself and your data at the mercy […]