Ugly code

Was writing some code today and ended up with “Dictionary<string, List<Dictionary<string, string>>> resultDictionary” Does anyone else think that this is hideous? It’s a dictionary keyed by strings and holding lists of dictionaries keyed by strings and holding strings. And it is what you get when you have a statically typed language(C#) and no native dictionaries. […]

My bzr Workflow

Michael Ivey recently wrote about his git work flow over at My Git Workflow and it turned out to be a pretty useful article and was just the encouragement that i needed to blog about my own experience. Although I’ve used git before, I much rather use bzr whenever possible. I’m not into religious wars […]

Quietly working on my Bomb Maker

Strange title, isn’t? I don’t actually make bombs 🙂 although during the last war, a lot of people probably thought i did. In my KDE days, i used to make a lot of use of an applet called KTeaTime( Its a nice little applet that tells you when your tea is ready after you select […]

Working with Hadoop

My last twitter was “Its after midnight and i just finished my first MapReduce application. Next up, blogging about it.” Well now its time to blog about it. And share some code…won’t that be fun? So I’ve always wanted to do some distributed programming or parallel programming(technically not the same, but aim at solving similar […]

On getting Ruby-fied and its aftereffects

As a follow-up on I am getting Ruby-fied, Ruby’s not ready – glyphobet • ???????? • ???????? does a much better job at going over Ruby’s faults. Ruby on Rails is not discussed except to say that it and Pylons are very similar, but i tend to agree that a lot of the different web […]

On Adobe Flex and dynamic websites

I still get a lot of searches and hits on my “Mytube” page as well as some inquires by mail…which tells me two things. One is that people still do not fully understand how to fully use flex and the other is that RIAs are pretty popular these days. To help people who come searching […]