State of … Africa?

Taken from page 170 of State of Africa book. Much of what is going on in some of these countries is fully explained in terms of the normal lust of human beings for power and wealth. The stakes are high. Office carries power, prestige and money. The power is incredible. Most West African Ministers consider […]

Definition of Stalemate

The definition of a stalemate condition stems from chess where the player that has to move cannot move in any legal way, yet it is not in a check position. This term has also found its way into conflicts where the entire situation is at a standstill. This normally happens when neither party accept any […]

Can You Rap?

I’ve been meaning to write a post for some time now, but not a lot has changed since my last one. Well, to be truthful, tons of things have changed, but none that are interesting enough for me to write a post about. Remember the whispers I heard last time about the date of the […]

What a country

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve been kinda busy. I am not sure I even have any readers left. But whatever the case may be…. First of all, I didn’t get to thank all of the people who wished me a happy birthday in the comments. So thank you for all the kind words. […]

Book and Latest Fisk Article

Just finished reading a book called Desert Storm by Eric Laurent(translated from french). Its not a bad book, its not a good one either, but its not bad. Mainly the problem is that this is a one-sided book and only covered a small percentage of the events that took place and the whys and the […]

Interesting Article

I found an interesting article written in Annahar newspaper by Jihad Al-Zein. This is from 10 days ago, so it is a bit old, through quite interesting in content. Sorry about the crude english translation….analysis to come in later posts. As soon as the naming of “moderate arabs” returns to popularity in the American diplometic […]