Can you say Work-a-holic?

So its 2:16 am and i just finished work on one project and decided to do a little research on the other one instead of going to sleep. And suddenly i remembered that i have neglected this blog for far too long. Sorry about that.

Let me show you why my blog work has been on pause lately.

My day typically goes like this:
– wake up at about 10am or so
– go to the bathroom and read the newspaper headlines as well as the business pages
– check my email and respond to some urgent matters
– read some topics on reddit and TODO(as a verb) some interesting topics to check later( i have TODOs in there that are over a year old)
– have breakfast while watching the performance of the gulf financial markets on TV
– start working…i usually start about 12 o’clock with small breaks for food
– At about 6 or so, i sometimes take a 1 hour break for my power walk
– Continue working until 12 am or 1 am
– Power on the laptop and sit in bed reading some technical book or pages or working on some personal projects
– have trouble falling asleep because of the adrenaline rush

My weekends consists of a similar pace but in general i try to work on only one project on the weekends and dedicate some time to catch up on some open source projects.

I am not sure how long i can keep up this pace. But i have to admit, if i didn’t love what i do for a living(computers), i will probably never be able to pull this off.

One thing that does bother me is that i do not have time anymore for my non-technical reading. But i will try to fix that soon.

And now its 2:33am. So my www neighbors, how do you deal with your productivity and work life?