Can You Rap?

I’ve been meaning to write a post for some time now, but not a lot has changed since my last one. Well, to be truthful, tons of things have changed, but none that are interesting enough for me to write a post about.

Remember the whispers I heard last time about the date of the pro-Syrian movement against the government. Well, I am hearing some now. Word on the street is that another big shift will take place right after the new year. I have also heard rumors about it being in the first ten days of the new year.

What you see on the news can be misleading sometime. For those of you who are not up-to-date on the whole subject. Several countries have now taken a direct role in the negotiations to settle things once and for all. And once the big boys interfere, this usually means a big change. So, you would expect things to be heading towards a positive ending.

Not true. At least, I don’t think so. I remember the last time foreign powers interfered in Lebanon, and we all saw what happened afterwards. Remember the civil war?(ok, so that was before I was born, but you know what I mean)

There are tiny clues that are being dropped which would allow me to draw a possible picture. A few weeks ago, the opposition(aka the pro-Syrian parties) stopped asking for a national-unity government and started asking for an early parliamentary election instead.(which is exactly what it threatened it would do) And ofcourse the ruling majority is refusing.

Now, the ruling majority is calling for a parliamentary session to take place.( I think to call for election to replace the assassinated Pierre Gemayal) And the head of the parliament(Nabih Berri being also the head of the Amal movement, Hizbollah’s closet ally…in fact, Hizbollah started out of Amal members) is refusing to do so. Warning that if a parliamentary session and the resulting decisions were forced by the majority’s lead over the parliament, then the entire pro-Syrian block in the parliament will resign.

The ruling majority also submitted a petition today accusing the president of breaching the constitution and thus by law has to appear infront of the higher council that is charged with prosecuting president and politicians. Our president isn’t well known to abide by the law or the constitution and to be fair, none of our politicians are. So now, the petitions needs the approval of 2/3 of MPs(28 have already signed it out of 128 I think)

When I was in college, I got stuck on a homework assignment(it was a theory of computation course). So I went to my professor to ask him about it. He couldn’t solve it right away either.  So after struggling with it for about 20 mins and scribbling on the white board while I was counting sheep and looking puzzled. He looked at me and asked me “Do you see it?” And I said, “Do I see what?”. He said, “It’s right there. The answer”. So this professor was very smart, and I didn’t want to look too dumb. So I told him, “Ofcourse I see it. But can you please explain to me how you got there in the first place”. Needless to say, I still do not get it.

So now I ask you, do you see it?

If the ruling majority in the parliament forces this petition to pass, the pro-Syrian block will reign from the parliament. Thus invalidating the parliament and forcing an early re-election.

So, will this happen?

I really don’t know. All the things that I am seeing seem to indicate that we are heading that way. Unless Amro Moussa(the secretary general of the Arab council) has some magic trick up his sleeve. Then again, Arabs were never too good at solving political problems by themselves.

On a final note, and just to show you how bad things are here. I have received an Arabic rap song that talks about the current situation. I don’t who has done it but its pretty good. So listen to it here.

And for those of you who do not know understand Arabic, my next post hopefully will include a translation.

Thank you for the comments, I appreciate them, and as always…keep them coming.