Book and Latest Fisk Article

Just finished reading a book called Desert Storm by Eric Laurent(translated from french). Its not a bad book, its not a good one either, but its not bad. Mainly the problem is that this is a one-sided book and only covered a small percentage of the events that took place and the whys and the how’s. Especially interesting is the media blackout imposed on all the media organizations during the entire 100 day war although the entire war was a positive one in regards to the US side. Only special and specific leaks were allowed.


The latest Robert Fisk article is a must read. The link is here. If I wanted to quote the parts that I especially liked, I would quote the entire article, but here are some samples.


The columnist Roger Cohen placed her problem in a nutshell. The problem are the facts. And they include the fact that, in the 65-year period between 1941 and 2006, the US has been at war in some form or another for all but 14 of them. And people around the world have got tired of this. They got tired of America’s insatiable need for an enemy – and suspicious of all the talk of democracy, freedom and morality in which every war was cast. They stopped buying the US narrative.


The fact they don’t speaks sorrowfully of our double standard of morality. Almost all Lebanon’s 1,300 dead – which comes close to half the total of the World Trade Centre murders – were civilians. But we don’t care for them as we do our own “kith and kin”. This is the same sickness that pervades our policies in Iraq where we never counted the number of civilians killed, only the tally of our precious soldiers who died there.

Like  I said before, and a million other quotes. Its a bit long, but its beautiful.(and yes I rarely describe things as beautiful)