Project: TaskIt

The TaskIt application aims to help you in your Getting things Done(GTD) approach and thus provides a task list or a ToDo list. When you organize your thoughts and put them down in your TaskIt list, you will get a much better view of your tasks. This is a Work In Progress(WIP) and was done […]

Project: Space Explorer(SpaceX)

I am a big fan of the Galactic Konquest game. It is similar to the risk board game, except it occurs in space and it may have different rules, i am not familiar with risk myself…ahem… It is a part of the kdegames package and thus comes with some strings attached. People who don’t use […]

Project: DisplayShelf Modifications

The DisplayShelf’s original website is at and this is a quote from that website. The DisplayShelf component demonstrates using a number of flex and flash concepts to provide a rich, templatable control to display a faux-3d view of a list of items. Its behavior is similar to the CoverFlow visualization added to iTunes in […]

Book Review: Banat Al-Riyad

Warning: This book is in Arabic. This book tells the story of 4 girls, and their struggle in the Saudi society. Lamis, Komra, Michelle, and Sadim are 4 friends each from a different background and with a different personality but they all share a common struggle within the highly conservative Saudi society. The kind of […]