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“Israel’s recent hopes for peace, fueled by the disengagement from Gaza and elections won on plans to cede the West Bank, have given way to another war and to grim talk of eternal fighting. Israelis now speak of the Arabs’ hate as a chronic disease that Israel is destined to live – or die – with. To revive its hopes, Israel must dare to consider a change of paradigm: transform itself into a Middle Eastern country.

While Israel has flourished economically and technologically by modeling itself on the Western European culture of its early Ashkenazi pioneers, the cultural alienation from its neighbors has intensified Israel’s pariah status in the region. Even the peace with Egypt and Jordan remains cold, while hate toward Israel in the Arab street heats up to new records.”

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  1. So, what should Israel do to look more like the rest of the middle east?

    1) Scrap democracy?
    2) Ramp up corruption?
    3) Screw the economy?

    Of course, even if they did all that, Israel would still be hated. The only Israel that the middle east will ever be able to tolerate is an arab Israel. Offhand, pariah existence is better than no existence.

  2. Um… David…
    Israel is already corrupted, and actually, you can barely call it a democracy. One the outside, maybe. On the inside? Eh.

  3. Hmm.. ok, I’ll bite.

    What is your definition of a democracy, and how is Israel not a democracy? After that, give an example of any arab nation that has a “better” democracy by your definition.

    I’m even letting you define the terms here, you can’t lose!

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