Another fresh start

It has been a long time since i have blogged about…err..well, anything….

The move from my previous host to my current host did not go as well as i thought it would. I was hosting this website on the godaddy servers, and i wanted some more features and so i decided to move. One of the features that i absolutely must have is shell access to my account. And i spent a lot of time researching the alternatives until i finally decided on which has been great so far. They’re not the cheapest thing around, but for my purposes they are ok considering what they offer.

Godaddy does not make it easy for you to move hosts, but this is due to technical reasons and not political. Since they only offer ftp access to their accounts, you have to get creative. And so after messing around with a few things, i had a downtime of about 1 hour and then an inaccessible website for 2 days(i was sick and i didn’t notice the website).

The move now is almost finished, and i will keep on improving with the website as time allows.

The website now sports a new look and a new platform. It also has a lot of new content.

  • I added a book review section which will be moved from this blog to there.
  • I added a tutorial section which will hold technical tutorials.
  • I added a new projects section which will hold my personal projects.
  • I added a section for my favorite quotes
  • This blog will be a placeholder for my personal and political rants while the rest of the content will be more organized in the main website.
  • The gallery has more pictures, a lot are new. It will also include some of my short video clips as soon as i upload them.

There a bunch of other stuff also, but they’re not finished yet. Stay tuned for new content and get in touch if you have any recommendations or comments.