Announce: TaskIt

Working on several different projects and juggling around many different ideas in your head can get pretty tiring and will affect your ability to be creative. Your head gets taxed with keeping all of this information concurrently and thus this gets in the way of actually considering each idea separately and acting upon it. To put it simply, if your mind keeps on buzzing with ideas, you won’t be able to get any work done.

To help with this, and to help with my approach to the Getting Things Done(GTD) techniques, i announce the TaskIt application. The TaskIt application is sort of a ToDo and Task list application. It can be used to organize your thoughts.

I have been working on this application on weekends and only when i take a break from my commercial work, and so it is still rough around the edges and needs more work which i will commit to as time allows. You can check out the details on its project page TaskIt. Please reply back with feedback and/or comments, bugs and so on…