A polite policeman, what a suprise.

Just a small post about something that surprised me today.

I went to the vet for the cat’s vaccine(kitty the kat for those that don’t know him) and i was parked on the rights side of the street waiting for the vaccination procedure to end(if you know kitty you’d what i am talking about). Then a cop came and had the time of his life writing tickets to all the cars that are parked before my car and after it. Ofcourse he cannot write a ticket if i am inside the car, so i stayed there.
This is the conversation that took place.

Cop: “Good Morning.”
Me: “Good Morning.”
Cop: “I have to ask you to move your car.”
Me: “But i am waiting for someone.”
Cop: “Make turns until they arrive, you cannot park here.”
Me: “Ok.”

And i moved my car. Now, you might think that there is nothing impressive about that. And you would be right unless you knew how policemen behave in Lebanon. The conversation would be an impolite one and usually includes a lot of swearing, name-calling, and threatening.

Visitors who are lucky enough to live in a democratic nation(yes, even Israel) should remember that the police force and the army actually includes all the militiamen from the civil war. The agreement was to disarm everybody and let the fighters join the different defense organizations. So the same people who used to slit people’s throat at road stops depending on their religion(killing by identity card…our identity cards have the individual’s religion written on it so after asking for your identity card, and depending on the flavor of the day, they might kill you on the spot in very colorful ways..ask me about it sometime) are now the ones that are supposed to protect us and preserve the peace….what a joke.

So yeah, that was quite impressive.